Xavier Alexander




November 22







Xavier is the captain of Unit II. He is a very hard worker and seems to never sleep. He always appears to be very tired.

History Edit

Though Xavier is the captain of Unit II, he is a relatively new hunter. He only joined the hunting units last year, just a few months before the newest member Leonard Derrin.

Despite his lack of experience, his hunting skills are held in high regard. He once saved an entire town from a ravenous monster. Once the previous Unit II captain passed away, Xavier was Grand's first choice as a replacement.

He is currently aware of Daine's curse on Leonard.

Relationships Edit

Neil Stokes and Clinton Barret Edit

Though Xavier is the captain of Unit II, the exact nature of his relationship with the other unit members is currently unknown. It's been stated that Neil and Clinton have yet to warm up to Xavier following the death of their former captain.

Leonard Derrin Edit

Xavier appears to be drawn to Leonard due to their (apparent) mutual knowledge of Raideen. Whether or not this is simply a pretext for something more nefarious in nature has yet to be revealed, but overall, Xavier seems to harbor a deep admiration for Leonard.