Witches are a monstrous race of spirits who sustain their immortality by stealing the bodies of human girls. There are only four witches in existence, and each witch has command over one of the four elements: wind, fire, earth, and water.

Abilities Edit


Though the primary power of each witch is different, they all share many common abilities. This includes attracting human girls to them so they may steal their bodies. Witches are also capable of looking at the souls of others, and they're the only known race able to do so.


According to legend, centuries ago the devil created four spirits to terrorize those of the living. To this day these witches continue to steal bodies so that they may sustain their immortality. Despite how powerful and dangerous they are, witches care for nothing more than their own immortality. They would rather hide their identity as a witch indefinitely than risk being found out and killed by a hunter. Though they have a great offense, they lack in defense due to their human bodies.

Witches are also attempting to wipe out lycans for an unknown reason. However, because a lycan has an extremely powerful defense, a witch would likely lose to a lycan in battle. The exception is the fire witch, whose strength is one of the lycans' few weaknesses.

A few years before Leonard became a hunter one of the witches was successfully killed. Which witch this is however is currently unknown.

Wind WitchEdit

The wind witch commands the ability of wind. The current status of the wind witch is unknown.

Fire WitchEdit

The fire witch commands the ability of fire. Since lycans have a weakness to fire, she has been the most successful among the witches at killing lycans. In the last few decades she has successfully wiped out several lycan packs.

The current status of the fire witch is unknown.

Earth WitchEdit


The earth witch commands the ability of earth. This ability expands to the manipulation of plant life. She has been actively seeking out lycans, and most recently existed in the body of Shayle Gibbs. She is capable of breaking apart and raising the earth as well as manipulating plants to trap others. She is capable of quick escapes by moving through the ground.

Water WitchEdit

The water witch commands the ability of water. The current status of the water witch is unknown.