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July 13







Michelle Grand is a hunter and the captain of Unit IV. Her father is the founder of the monster hunting units. Though many people see her as one of the more cheerful hunters, she is also the most frightening, known to ruthlessly kill any monster no matter what the situation. Even with her reputation, however, her role as unit leader is often put into question; many people believe she was given that position because of her father, rather than because of her skill

Should she find out about Leonard's curse she would kill him without a second thought. Because of this, Leonard must avoid her as much as he can in order to protect his own life.


Michelle is more cheerful than most hunters. Despite this she is much more menacing than the typical hunter, killing every monster she finds without even a little mercy. When taking this into consideration, her cheerful attitude can be almost creepy at times.




Grand is Michelle's father and the founder of the hunting units. The two of them get along very well, often seen goofing around when they're together.


Leonard DerrinEdit

Michelle is on extremely friendly terms with Leonard, and the two often goof around with each other. However, due to her ruthless personality Leonard is now terrified of her. Even though they are close friends, he knows she would kill him without a second thought should she find out about his curse. It is unknown if Michelle is aware of Leonard's romantic interest in her.

Cyran AntinousEdit

Michelle's relationship with Cyran is not as clear as her relationship with Leonard. The two of them respect each other as hunters, however Cyran's serious personality often clashes with Michelle's cheerful one. She enjoys taunting Cyran, even referring to him as "Cyran the Great".

Hadia Grim Edit

Though it's currently unknown how Hadia feels about Michelle, Michelle has shown her distaste for Hadia. She has called Hadia a "nasty person" and warned Leonard to stay away from her.


  • Her name was originally Midori
  • She is the youngest member of the hunting units