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August 3


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Leonard Derrin is the main protagonist of Blonde Sunrise. He's the third member of the hunting unit, Unit IV. Having only been a hunter for a short while, he lacks the experience of others. Nevertheless, he manages to do his job decently. Though he is quite laid back and enjoys fooling around, he takes his job very seriously and would never do anything that would put it at risk.

He isn't as bright as most people, and due to a lack of foresight he has been cursed by a lycan. Now he must do all he can to keep his curse secret from the other hunters as well as keep up with the demands of his new master.


Leonard appears to be quite laid back, however he's always seen to be serious when it comes to his work. He was able to kill a pleading vampire girl with a cold hearted expression, only to go back home to smile and boast about it. Overall he has a happy demeanor towards most things and often tries to lighten everyone's moods, though he can get quite peeved with little more than a glare from a passing stranger.

Having recently been cursed, his personality has become much less friendly. He's now seen more often to be angry or annoyed when he's forced to be around Daine and the other lycans. He's also started panicking a lot more than usual, fearing for his life and what the other hunters might do to him if he should be found out.


Cyran AntinousEdit

Cyran is Leonard's fellow Unit IV teammate. Being one of the few people Leonard actually trusts, he often goes to Cyran when he needs assistance. Cyran is the only person Leonard has trusted with the secret of his curse, and he immediately sought out Cyran's help in the matter.

Cyran was the first hunter to treat Leonard with some much needed kindness, something Leonard will never forget. He admires and respects Cyran a lot. Cyran has helped Leonard through many of his problems. Occasionally Leonard tries to help Cyran with his problems as well, though Cyran usually denies his help.

Cyran and Leonard's personalities tend to clash with Cyran being the more serious of the two. Leonard tries to get Cyran to loosen up frequently, however this behavior only bothers him.

Michelle GrandEdit

Michelle is the other member of Unit IV and Leonard's boss. He is extremely fond of her and adores her strength and personality. He has romantic feelings for her and intends to share his feelings the next time he gets the chance.

Though Michelle did not like Leonard at all when they first met, the two seem to be on very friendly terms with each other now. Michelle has apologized for her past behavior and gone out of her way to try to help Leonard be happy.

However, Michelle is one of the most ruthless hunters in all the hunting units. Should she find out about Leonard's curse, she would kill him without hesitation. Because of this Leonard is now terrified her and tries to avoid her at all costs.

Daine LunasEdit

Daine is the first lycan Leonard targeted. When he confronted her she successfully managed to trick him and place him under her curse. Leonard now has to follow Daine's every whim. He holds an extreme hatred towards her, and is seeking a cure to his curse so that he may be free and kill her himself.

Daine has been taking Leonard with her for all of her rituals despite not actually needing him. This greatly frustrates Leonard, however Daine has stated she's only bringing him along so she can keep an eye on him.

Daine often mocks Leonard every chance she gets and is quick to make fun of him whenever she discovers something he doesn't know about. It got to the point where she would assume Leonard knew nothing at all, causing her to be quite surprised when Leonard actually knew something she didn't.

Vince Shady Edit

Initially Vince showed great fear of Leonard, immediately hiding from him when he came across Leonard by chance. However, once discovering Leonard's curse and that he is unable to fight back because of his master's orders, Vince was quick to attack him. He is ruthless and very angry and has threatened to kill Leonard if he has to.

Other LycansEdit

Leonard has a great hatred towards all lycans in general, though he hasn't met too many. Though they have yet to wrong him, Leonard is not very fond of either Kane or Elaine and out right refuses Kane's proposal to become friends, however it seems now he is neutral about them since he met with Blair, another lycan, and has even accepted her as a parental figure.



Leonard has quite a tragic past. being very poor since the start, his mother abandoned him when he was very little and not much is known about her.

Leonard's father was very loving and supporting of Leonard, teaching him whatever he could and taking care of him, however he was a very sick man and couldn't teach him everything (like reading).

When leonard was 13 his father died of one of his illnesses due to hospitals not taking him in because he didn't have the money to pay for medication. Since then Leonard has been living on his own.

At one point in time he got arrested for murder.

He became a hunter and joined Unit IV one year before he met Daine.

The Lycan Hunt BeginsEdit

One fall evening Leonard successfully completed another hunt and killed a vampire girl. He went back to the Unit IV office to report and boast about his kill to fellow hunter Cyran Antinous. Cyran took little interest in Leonard's kill however.

Later Michelle greeted the two hunters and informed them that her father has a new mission for them. There is reason to believe a berserk lycan is on the loose, and Grand has now issued an order for all the lycans to be sought out and killed. Leonard gloated that he would kill all the lycans with no problem, though he was embarrassed by his lack of knowledge of these monsters.

Michelle left the hunting office telling the other two hunters to make her father proud. Leonard tells Cyran about how fond he is of Michelle and tells him that he intends to reveal his feelings to her the next day. Cyran cares very little about this however, and tells Leonard that things between him and Michelle are none of his concern.

Leonard then sets off to The Foxy Goddess, a bar he had recently come across. Cyran denies his invitation to join him, and Leonard leaves for the bar by himself. It is there that he runs into Daine Lunas for the first time. He is surprised to see her there, as she looked much too young to be drinking in a bar, and confronts her. Their meeting is cut short however, as Daine quickly runs out of the bar. When opening the door however her hair moves out of the way to reveal her lycan eye. Leonard realizes she is a one-eyed lycan, and he takes out his gun and quickly goes after her.

The chase is cut short as Daine quickly hides away before Leonard can even leave the bar. Leonard is then scolded by the bartender and is warned by him that should Leonard ever take out his gun in the bar and scare away his customers again he will contact Leonard's boss and have him fired. Leonard decides to call it a night and makes his way back home.

The next morning he immediately sets out to start tracking Daine down only to be greeted by her in front of The Foxy Goddess. She apologizes for running out on him, and invites him to walk with her. Leonard agrees with the intention of killing her when there are less people around.

Daine takes him to the outskirts of Creston. With no one to be seen, Leonard gets ready to make his move. Before he can do anything however Daine catches him off guard and hugs him, revealing she has liked him for a long time and has been watching him from afar. While admitting her feelings for him, Leonard takes out his silver knife and prepares to stab Daine through the back. Before he can do so however Daine bites his arm, causing him to drop his knife and hold his wounded arm. He tries to pick his knife up only to discover touching it burns his hand.

Daine reveals to him she has placed him under her curse and turned him into an omega lycan. Leonard refuses to believe it at first, saying lycan curses don't exist. He soon realizes it's true however when Daine gives him the order to get on his knees and he instantly follows it.

Outraged, Leonard attempts to strangle Daine. His attempt is futile, and Daine orders him to get off her. She tells him that if he kills her while he's under her curse he will die as well, and explains exactly what being cursed by a lycan means. Being only a beta lycan Daine is unable to force Leonard into transforming into a wolf, though he does have to follow her every order. Daine tells him in order for her to become an Alpha lycan she needs to complete the alpha rituals. She then gives Leonard the following orders before parting ways: don't tell anyone about her, don't tell anyone about his curse, don't hurt any lycans, don't kill anyone, come to this spot outside of Creston every morning upon waking up, and every time he hears her whistle to come to her.

Leonard goes back to the Unit IV office and immediately tries to get assistance from Cyran. With the curse forbidding him to speak of what happened however, telling Cyran about it and asking for his help turns out to be a challenge. Despite this however Leonard manages to give Cyran enough hints for him to figure out what has happened to Leonard. Cyran tells Leonard he doesn't know if there is a cure to the curse or not, but he promises to do everything he can to find out. He also warns Leonard to stay away from Michelle, as she would kill him without hesitation should she find out about his curse.

A whistle is then heard outside of the office. Leonard instantly makes his way for the door and realizes it's Daine. He opens the door and speaks to her while Cyran hides from sight. Leonard asks Daine why she let him leave if she was only going to come back for him. Daine tells him she wanted to know where Leonard lived, so she told him to go home so she could follow her. She then tells him it is time to start her alpha rituals.

The Alpha RitualsEdit

Daine starts taking Leonard back towards the outskirts of town. She tells him today they'll be looking for a lycanthropus flower. Leonard realizes this flower is wolfsbane and is confused that a flower meant to repel lycans is being sought out for the ritual. Daine explains that the flowers smell is horrid to lycans, but the strong odor also heightens their sense of smell, thus it is necessary to find one for the alpha rituals.

Before getting out of town Daine realizes that it's Monday and leaves Leonard without an explanation. When she returns she tells Leonard she had gone home to check her mail, which only frustrates Leonard.

The two of them then make their way to the forest outside of town and Leonard sees Daine transform into her wolf form for the first time. Her wolf form is smaller than he was expecting, and when he makes a remark about this she growls at him. The two of them search the forest for the rest of the day, but a lycanthropus flower isn't found.

Angry, Daine orders Leonard to go back home. She later catches back up with him in town and tells him to look for wolfsbane in his hunting unit office and should he find any bring it with him the following day. However, Leonard doesn't find any at all in the office, and goes to sleep in frustration.

The following morning Leonard makes his way to the designated spot Daine ordered him to go to. Before he leaves the office however he notices an order on his desk. Being unable to read however, Leonard can't tell what the order is about. He pockets it and worries about it the entire way to Daine's meeting place.

When he arrives he is surprised to find Daine isn't there at all. Instead, two other people are sitting their waiting. When Leonard reluctantly greets them they respond with a menacing glare, much to Leonard's surprise. The two of them start mumbling to themselves about how they think Leonard seems suspicious, only to then gleefully get up and remark about how he must be Sunny's omega because of his "dumb looking red hair" and his "stupid looking fur jacket."

Infuriated, Leonard demands to know who these two are. They apologize for their rudeness and introduce themselves as Kane and Elaine. Daine, who was nearby, then sneaks up on Leonard and surprises him. Kane and Elaine are excited to see her and continue to refer to her as Sunny. Daine approaches them and asks if they brought the salve. Elaine takes a salve out of her pocket and hands it over.

Daine explains to Leonard that for the next part of the alpha rituals she will be applying this salve in a holy lake to increase her defense and give her extra protection. Kane warns Daine however that the salve is very powerful and will make her high. He recommends he leaves Leonard behind, as Daine doesn't actually need Leonard along for any of the alpha rituals anyway. Leonard is outraged to hear this, but Daine insists on bringing him along anyway.

Daine and Leonard leave the other two behind and make their way towards the holy lake. Leonard demands answers from Daine, and she remarks that since the walk to the holy lake will take a few hours he should go ahead and ask her whatever he wants to pass the time.

Leonard first asks her why she's taking him along on the alpha rituals if she doesn't need him to be there. She responds that she's punishing him. She knows he's trying to figure out a way out of her curse and wants to keep and eye on him. She also informs him that there really isn't a cure to the lycan curse, a remark that Leonard doesn't respond to.

Leonard then asks her who the two people they just met were. Daine tells him Kane and Elaine are also lycans and her closest friends. She then gives him a new command not to tell anyone else about any other lycan he may meet. Leonard also asks her why they were calling her Sunny and she tells him it's a nickname they've given her based on her real wolf name. When he asks her what her real name is however she laughs and refuses to tell him, stating that it's embarrassing.

Leonard also questions why Kane and Elaine both had two eyes and weren't one-eyed lycans like Daine. She tells him she's actually the only one-eyed lycan within her pack, and when Leonard tries to question further she refuses to talk about it.

Leonard then remembers the order he received that morning and asks Daine to read it for him. Daine is confused by this and questions why he doesn't just read it himself. Embarrassed, Leonard reveals that he doesn't know how to read. Daine laughs at him, but when she makes a remark about how he must have had awful parents Leonard is furious and tells her to shut up.

Daine takes the order from Leonard and is shocked to see it's an order to kill a witch. According to the order the leftover body of a witch was found the previous night and the hunters believe the witch stole the body of a girl named Shayle Gibbs. Daine asks Leonard if he knows what a witch his. He says he does, and starts talking about how there are three witches out in the world. Before he can go on with his explanation however Daine interrupts him and states there are actually four witches.

She explains to Leonard that the four witches each have their own element: Wind, fire, earth, and water. Each witch has the ability to attract human girls to them so they may steal their bodies and essentially live forever. Leonard then tells Daine there really is only three witches, as one of the witches has already been killed. Daine demands to know which witch is dead, however Leonard doesn't know as it happened before he even became a hunter. He doesn't understand why Daine is so worried about a witch since she isn't a human girl, and since witches only care about their own immortality it is unlikely they're going to reveal themselves and attack.

As it turns out, witches are seeking to wipe out the lycans. Daine remarks that due to a lycans great defense they would probably beat almost any witch even with their strong offense. However, the fire witch is an exception to this. Fire is one of the few weaknesses lycans have, and in just the past few decades alone the fire witch has been wiping out entire packs of lycans. Since Shayle could be the fire witch, Daine can't just ignore this new information. For the first time since being cursed Leonard is visibly excited as he thinks Daine is going to let Leonard kill this witch. To his dismay however Daine tells him he won't be killing her, as she intends to take care of the witch herself.

Eventually the two of them finally arrive at Lake Angelus, the holy lake. Leonard complains about how long the walk was, but is then surprised to discover he has been to this lake before. He remembers being at the lake with a white haired woman, but much to his frustration he can't remember why or where she went. Daine gives Leonard and order to sit behind a tree, stay in that spot, and not look behind it towards the lake. She goes off to bathe in the lake for her ritual while Leonard tries to figure out why he was at Lake Angelus.

Eventually Leonard can hear Daine coming towards him from the lake and starts to worry, only to be relieved that she is in fact in her clothes again. To his shock however he finds Daine is in tears. She hugs him and starts yelling about how she missed him. She begs Leonard not to leave again, and then falls asleep on Leonard's lap. Leonard tries to wake her up, but is unable to and therefore stuck in that spot.

Leonard ends up falling asleep as well, only to be surprised by Cyran. He asks Cyran why he's here, and Cyran responds he had business with a blacksmith nearby and wanted to see the lycan that cursed Leonard. Cyran is visibly disappointed that the lycan that got the better of Leonard was someone like Daine, but Leonard is suspicious of Cyran's actions. He remarks there was no way Cyran could've known he would be here with Daine unless he followed the two of them. Cyran tells Leonard he needed to know what Daine looked like as when all is said and done he intends to kill her and claim the reward for himself.

Leonard is still suspicious of Cyran's actions however. He then makes the connection that Cyran wanted to see Daine because Cyran saw a lycan kill him in one of his dreams. Cyran is infuriated that Leonard is still trying to get involved with his death dream. He denies that the monster he saw in his dream was a lycan and yells at Leonard not to get involved with his burden. Cyran's yelling awakens Daine, and she questions who he is only to fall back asleep soon afterwards. Cyran angrily leaves and tells Leonard not to do anything foolish.

Several hours later Leonard and Daine are found by Kane and Elaine. The two of them wake up Daine and tell her to give Leonard the order to finally go home. Before Leonard gets very far he is approached by Kane. Kane asks him what his name is, but Leonard refuses to tell him. Kane also offers to become friends with Leonard, an offer Leonard angrily ignores. Disappointed, Kane tells Leonard that Daine is really important to him and begs that Leonard doesn't hurt her. He also asks if anything weird happened after Daine used the salve, but Leonard lies to Kane and tells him nothing happened, much to Kane's relief.

The following day Leonard is awoken by a phone call from Michelle. When he looks out the window he realizes it's raining very hard outside. Leonard answers the phone and starts panicking when he discovers it's Michelle who has called him. She tells him she's been trying to get a hold of him and has something important she needs to talk to him about, but Leonard tells her he can't talk and hangs up on her.

Once again Leonard goes to Daine's meeting spot and finds her soaking in the rain. She tells him to put his umbrella away. Daine must meditate in the rain as another one of the alpha rituals, and she tells Leonard if she has to get soaked he does too. Leonard also discovers that Daine hasn't been allowed to eat since the rituals started, which has put her in a bad mood.

Nervously, Daine asks Leonard about what happened after she applied the salve. Leonard tells her about how she cried and begged him not to leave her again. Daine starts to order him not to tell anyone, but Leonard stops her and says he already intends to keep it a secret. This angers Daine at first, and she tells him he can't just stop her from giving him an order, but then nervously thanks him.

After the rain lets up Daine complains about how stupid the ritual is and tells Leonard to go home once again. On his way home however he comes face to face with Vince Shady, who ambushes him and spits in his face.


  • "Hey, have you ever had this good of a killing streak Cyran?"
  • "I have no doubt in my mind Cyran, Michelle's the one!"
  • "What... What did you do? What did you do!?"
  • "I thought wolfsbane was supposed to repel you werewolves."


  • Daine often calls Leonard "Hunter".
  • Leonard has a cat named Sam