Hadia Grim




July 31







Hadia is the captain of Unit III. She is very cruel and condescending and has the highest kill count in the hunting units. It is heavily implied that Hadia is a witch, as evidence by Shayle Gibbs' friendly acknowledgement of her and her ability to see Leonard's aura.


Hadia appears to be a spiteful individual, who pays little regard to other people's feelings and, in some instances, is not above openly criticizing them, as evidenced by her callous treatment of her co-workers. Nonetheless, she does seem to have a playful, almost flirtatious side to her personality which reveals itself around people she likes.  

Relationships Edit

Cyran Antinous Edit

Hadia and Cyran were once romantically involved, though they are no longer together. Though Cyran claims the two of them are still friends, the two barely speak anymore. Though they are no longer in a relationship, Hadia continues to show a large fondness for Cyran. She believes he is a good man, even with the terrible rumors floating around about him.

Ericka Lynn Edit

Ericka and Hadia are close to each other, with Hadia going as far as to say Ericka is "her favorite". Ericka has stated that Hadia is the only other hunter she trusts. Ericka appears to be the closest person to keeping Hadia in line.

Raymond Foster Edit

Though they are in the same unit, Hadia shows nothing but disrespect for Raymond. She sees him as a nuisance, calling him a worthless coward.

Michelle Grand Edit

Though it's currently unknown how Hadia feels about Michelle, Michelle has shown her distaste for Hadia. She has called Hadia a "nasty person" and warned Leonard to stay away from her.

Leonard Derrin Edit

Though the two have never directly interacted, Hadia has shown her strong dislike for Leonard. She blames him for Cyran's recent change in behavior and constantly calls him distasteful names behind his back. Hadia has also expressed that she's terrified of Leonard after seeing his peculiar soul.