Ericka Lynn




January 2







Ericka is a hunter in Unit III. She is one of the more intelligent hunters and is often able to get one step ahead of her targets. She has been investigating recent monster attacks and as a result has figured out that one of the hunters has been killing people. She is currently working towards identifying and catching this hunter.

Relationships Edit

Hadia Grim Edit

Ericka is close to her captain and has stated that Hadia is the only other hunter she trusts. The two of them have a mutual respect for each other, with Hadia going as far as to say Ericka is "her favorite". Ericka appears to be the closest person to keeping Hadia in line.

Raymond Foster Edit

Though the two of them are in the same unit, not much is known about their relationship. They appear to have at least a somewhat positive relationship, as the two of them were seen dancing at the hunter dinner party and Ericka defended Raymond while Hadia ranted about him.

Cyran Antinous Edit

Ericka has shown a great disliking for Cyran. He is currently her prime suspect in the recent hunter serial killings. She is not very happy about how much Hadia likes him, and she intends to investigate Cyran first.

Leonard Derrin Edit

Though Ericka doubts Leonard is the hunter serial killer, she still finds him to be a very suspicious individual. However, the two of them have never interacted.