Elaine Auburn







Elaine Auburn is a close friend of Daine's and is always seen with her partner Kane Carper. Like Daine, she is also a lycan. She is an extremely energetic person and is often seen fooling around with Kane.


Elaine by herself is already extremely happy-go-lucky. When she's with Kane however she becomes even more energetic. Kane and Elaine's shared personality can end up being quite annoying to those who are not accustomed to their antics.

Though normally carefree, Elaine is also shown to have a very caring side. When she found Daine asleep on Leonard's lap after their visit to Lake Angelus, Elaine immediately went to Daine's side to help her get back home and gave Leonard a harsh glare for not taking better care of Daine.


Elaine first meets Leonard the day after Daine has cursed him. She was waiting with Kane at the spot Daine told Leonard to go to each morning. At first the two of them glared Leonard down when he first appeared, however they soon realized Leonard was Daine's omega. The lycan duo quickly opened up to him, much to Leonard's annoyance.

After Leonard and Daine leave the two of them behind Kane and Elaine are seen again that evening when they find Daine and Leonard asleep in front of Lake Angelus. Elaine woke Daine up and got her to give Leonard the order to go home.