Daine Lunas




June 30





Daine Lunas is a troublesome lycan girl and the deuteragonist of Blonde Sunrise. She is extremely greedy and does almost everything for herself. She is a one-eyed lycan and has a single wolf eye hidden underneath her hair.

Having recently cursed a Leonard Derrin, she is more cocky than ever before. With his help she plans to complete all of her alpha rituals and accomplish an important custom among her fellow lycans.


Daine is extremely snarky and self centered, often taunting Leonard whenever she discovers something he doesn't know. She is very selfish and enjoys tormenting her omega. She is also willing to trick people in order to get what she wants, willing to go as far as pretending to be infatuated with Leonard in order to get close enough to curse him.

There is more to Daine than meets the eye however. While applying a salve at Lake Angelus she actually started crying due to the salve's strong effects. Why she was crying and what exactly this means is unknown.



Kane and ElaineEdit

Kane and Elaine are Daine's closest friends. She is very amused by the duo's antics, and the two of them care for her a lot. While Daine was unconscious at Lake Angelus, Elaine made sure to take care of her and take her back to their village while Kane confronted Leonard and asked Leonard not to harm her.

Vince Shady Edit

Though both of them are lycans, the two do not appear to get along. Daine has shown a great desire to impress Vince, but Vince shows nothing but distaste for Daine. He considers her a nuisance, frequently calling her a "one eyed runt" and refusing to even look at her.


Leonard DerrinEdit

As a hunter, Daine was originally terrified of Leonard, However she successfully managed to curse him and thus leave him powerless against her. She highly dislikes him, but enjoys the power she holds over him. She won't think twice about forcing Leonard to do things he doesn't want to do and she forces him to come with her on all her alpha rituals as a punishment for plotting against her and so she can keep a closer eye on him.

Cyran Antinous Edit

Daine and Cyran hate each other tremendously. Cyran has expressed that he intends to kill her himself once Leonard is free from her curse. Daine taunts and insults Cyran every chance she gets. After Cyran attacked Daine and Daine realized he had been following her, she gave Leonard an order to kill him on command should she catch Cyran following her again.


  • "Sorry... It's just... I've been watching you in town for a while. I really adore you a lot..."
  • "You know what that means... right hunter? You belong to me now!!"
  • "The stupid hunter actually knows something for once!"