Cyran Antinous




May 9







Cyran Antinous is the second and most experienced hunter of Unit IV. He never seems happy about anything and always looks at things with a serious demeanor. Cyran is the person Leonard trusts the most and has aided Leonard many times.

He is the only other person who knows about Leonard's new curse. He is determined to help Leonard be freed from his curse and protect his secret from the rest of the hunters.


Cyran is much more serious than his fellow teammates. He doesn't usually care for anything he doesn't find important and often gets annoyed by his much less serious partners. He tends to keep a cool head about everything, but occasionally he can get irked enough to the point where he'll start yelling at people.

Cyran is also very smart. He takes his time to do his research and when another hunter doesn't know something they often ask him for his input.



Leonard Derrin Edit

Leonard is Cyran's closest ally, and Leonard will often come to Cyran for assistance. Though he isn't always fond of how laid back his fellow hunter is, when he found out about Leonard's curse he decided to help him and keep his secret.

Michelle Grand Edit

Though Cyran's serious personality often clashes with Michelle's much more cheerful one, the two of them seem to get along very well. They respect each other as hunters, though Michelle often taunts him. Cyran shows concern and care for Michelle, going out of his way to defend her and attempt to cheer her up when she's down.

Hadia Grim Edit

Hadia and Cyran were once romantically involved, though they are no longer together. Though Cyran claims the two of them are still friends, the two barely speak anymore. He doesn't tolerate when Hadia acts out against his team mates. Though they are no longer in a relationship, Hadia continues to show a large fondness for Cyran.


Daine Lunas Edit

Cyran is currently trying to free Leonard from Daine's curse and has spoken of his intent to kill her once the curse has been lifted. The two of them have currently only interacted one time, and the resulting conversation was nothing but petty insults and threats. Daine has threatened to have Leonard kill Cyran if he continues to follow her.


  • "This is none of your business."
  • "Things between you and Michelle are none of my concern."
  • "The first day! You got yourself cursed on the first day we're hunting lycans!?"


  • Cyran's surname comes from a character in Homer's The Odyssey.
  • Cyran's hair color was originally green, but it was changed to a darker blonde