At the beginning of Chapter 1 Leonard is shown chasing and kills are girl who ends up being a vampire and takes a picture of her dead body. He then goes home and brags about it to Cyran. Michelle then comes in and tells both Leonard and Cyran that they'll be hunting lycans for triple there normal pay. Leonard then goes to a bar and sees Daine drinking, when she left the bar Leonard saw her wolf eye and goes after her. Leonard couldn't find her so he decided to go home.

He gets his silver knife and goes back to the bar to try to track her. When he got there he saw Daine already there waiting for him. She pretends to be nice to him so she can lure to the woods out side of town. She tells Leonard how much she likes him only to get closer to him. As Leonard tries to stab her with his silver knife he is bitten by Daine. Leonard reaches to pick up his silver knife, and as he grabbed the knife he gets burned by the silver. Daine then tells him that he is cursed. At first Leonard doesn't belive her, but then he commanded to get on his knees. Leonard freaks out about losing his job. Daine lets him keep his job then sends him home after she explained the lycan curse to him.

After he tells Cyran what happened to him he hears Daine's whistle calling him. Leonard opens the door and sees Daine in front of his door. She asked Leonard if he was ready to help her become in Alpha.

End of Chapter 1


  • Chapter 1 began on January 24, 2011 and ended October 24, 2011
  • It has 65 pages and is the shortest chapter